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Nail Injuries Specialist

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Nail injuries can involve the nail, skin underneath the nail, cuticles, and skin around the nail, leading to infection and nail deformity, but treatment from the hand and upper extremity specialists at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can help. If you have a cut, smashed, bruised, or nail that’s torn away from its base, call the Eatontown or Toms River, New Jersey, office, or book an appointment online to have it evaluated and remedied.

Nail Injuries Q & A

What are the symptoms of nail injuries?

A nail injury usually occurs due to trauma, such as smashing it in a car door, hitting it with a hammer, or cutting it with a tool. Any of the following suggests a nail injury.

  • Throbbing pain
  • Bleeding on or around the nail
  • Cuts or tears to the cuticle, nail itself or surrounding skin
  • Bleeding underneath the nail
  • The nail pulling away from the nail bed partly or completely

Ingrown nails, fungal nail infections, and some diseases can also cause nail problems.

Don’t let a nail injury heal on its own. The team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can evaluate and treat nail injuries to prevent long-term dysfunction or disfigurement.

What are the treatments for nail injuries?

Treatment for nail injuries depends on the problem and its cause. If you have a bruise and resulting swelling, your doctor at Central Jersey Hand Surgery may create a small hole in the nail so fluid can drain out, relieving pain and pressure. If an underlying bone is broken, the entire nail may need removing. Your doctor will then repair the nail bed.

In the case of lacerations or separation of the nail from the bed, your doctor may also remove the entire nail. Deep cuts are closed with stitches, and the nail reattached. If the nail cannot be reattached, your doctor places a special material on top of the injured area to protect the nail bed during healing.

How can I manage pain from a nail injury?

Ice can help reduce inflammation and pain. Take over-the-counter or prescription pain medications as recommended by your doctor at Central Jersey Hand Surgery. If you have dressings on your wound, your doctor lets you know how to change and replace them.

It takes 7-10 days for the nail bed to heal if you’ve lost your nail. An entirely new fingernail grows back in 4-6 months. But, the new nail may initially look misshapen and have unusual grooves or ridges. This may improve over time.

For the treatment of nail injuries, trust the experts at Central Jersey Hand Surgery. Call the office or schedule an appointment online.