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Elbow Fractures Specialist

Central Jersey Hand Surgery

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A bad fall or blow to the elbow may lead to an elbow fracture. Like any broken bone, an elbow fracture requires immediate medical care to ensure proper healing of the bone. At Central Jersey Hand Surgery in Eatontown, and Toms River, New Jersey, the team of orthopedic surgeons evaluates and treats elbow fractures. Contact the office closest to you by phone or online today.

Elbow Fractures Q & A

What are elbow fractures?

An elbow fracture means a break in the bony tip of your elbow, or the olecranon. The tip is part of your forearm bone (ulna), which is one of the three bones that form your elbow joint.

Elbow fractures are common and may occur on their own or in conjunction with other fractures that affect the arm bones. Some of the common causes of an elbow fracture include:

  • Landing on the elbow

  • A severe blow to the elbow

  • Falling on an outstretched arm

No matter the cause, if you suspect you have a broken elbow or other broken bone, the team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can provide the care you need. 

What are elbow fracture symptoms?

As is the case with other fractures, you may experience immediate and intense pain with an elbow fracture. Other symptoms include:

  • Swelling and bruising

  • Decrease in elbow range of motion

  • Stiffness

  • Pain when attempting to move your elbow

Your elbow fracture may also be an open fracture, which means a portion of the bone is protruding from your skin. 

How are elbow fractures diagnosed?

The team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery conducts a thorough evaluation to diagnose your elbow fracture so they can develop the most effective treatment plan that provides the best and fastest healing.

During your exam, your orthopedic expert asks detailed questions about your injury, including how it occured. They examine your elbow and request diagnostic imaging tests (X-rays or MRI) to assess the severity of your fracture. 

How are elbow fractures treated?

Treatment for elbow fractures may depend on the type and severity of your fracture. If the pieces of your elbow aren’t displaced, the team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery may place a cast on your arm to help the bones heal on their own.

However, if your elbow fracture is open or the bones are shattered or scattered, the team may need to perform surgery to realign your bones before casting. Surgical treatment for an elbow fracture may include:

  • Open reduction or internal fixation

  • Bone graft

  • Removal of the fracture fragment

The team provides medication to ease pain and monitors the healing process with regularly scheduled follow-up appointments. To support recovery, the team also prescribes rehabilitation of your shoulder.

Recovery from an elbow fracture varies depending on the severity and treatment, but it takes at least six weeks. 

For expert care of your elbow fracture, call Central Jersey Hand Surgery or book an appointment online today.