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Finger Amputations Specialist

Central Jersey Hand Surgery

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeons located in Eatontown, Freehold, & Toms River, NJ

Your fingers are prone to injuries that may result in amputation of part or all of the finger. This type of injury requires immediate medical care. At Central Jersey Hand Surgery, the team includes an on-call hand specialist 24 hours a day to help manage these unexpected injuries. For immediate management of a finger amputation, call the Eatontown or Toms River, New Jersey, office. You can also call or schedule an appointment online for post finger amputation care.

Finger Amputations Q & A

What are finger amputations?

Finger amputations refer to the complete removal of your finger or a portion of your finger from your hand. A traumatic injury to the hand can lead to a finger amputation and requires immediate medical management. These types of injuries are common in the workplace, but they can occur at any time, even from something as simple as catching a finger in a closing door.

You may also require a finger amputation if your finger has sustained severe damage after a crush injury making it irreparable, or if you have an infection that’s caused tissue death.

Can an amputated finger be reattached?

The experienced team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery may be able to reattach your amputated finger, a procedure referred to as replantation. The hand specialists take many factors into consideration when determining if you can undergo a replantation, including:

  • Level of amputation
  • Mechanism of injury
  • Your overall medical history

Careful handling of the amputated finger may also come into play. Your finger should be cleaned under running water, covered in moist gauze, placed in a clean air-tight bag, and transported in ice water. 

In adults, an amputated fingertip that exposes the bone may not be able to be reattached. However, in children, reattachment (even with bone exposure) may be possible. 

What can I expect during treatment for a finger amputation?

The team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery develops individualized treatment plans for finger amputations based on whether you’ve undergone replantation or not, as well as the severity of your finger amputation and your overall health.

If your finger has been reattached, your hand surgeon requires regular visits to the office to monitor the healing process and prevent infection. You may need additional reconstruction surgeries following replantation to improve healing, form, and function. More complex procedures may also be necessary after your replantation fully heals to reduce pain and improve movement. 

If your specialist isn’t able to reattach your amputated finger, you can expect regular visits to the office for wound management. 

In most cases, occupational or physical therapy following finger amputation is necessary. 

The hand specialists at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can manage any urgent issue related to your hand, fingers, or arm, even finger amputations. Call the office or request an appointment online today.