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Hand Fractures Specialist

Central Jersey Hand Surgery

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeons located in Eatontown, Freehold, & Toms River, NJ

Hand fractures are common and, while surgery isn’t always needed, you do need expert care for proper healing. The experienced team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery specializes in hand fractures and can provide the care you need, including surgical intervention. For an appointment, call the Eatontown or Toms River, New Jersey, office, or use the online booking button today.

Hand Fractures Q & A

What are hand fractures?

Hand fractures refer to any breaks that occur in any of the bones in your hand. This includes the small bones that make up your fingers, referred to as phalanges, as well as the long bones in your hands, referred to as metacarpals. 

A hand fracture can develop after a bad fall, car accident, crush injury, or sports-related injury. One of the most common hand fractures seen at Central Jersey Hand Surgery is a boxer’s fracture or 5th metacarpal neck fracture, which may occur from a fall, punching a wall or during an altercation.  

How are hand fractures diagnosed?

If you suspect a hand fracture, you should come for an evaluation. The physicians can examine your hand and confirm or rule out a fracture after an X-ray.

Signs and symptoms that may indicate a fracture in your hand include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain in the hand or finger

You may also see an obvious deformity in which your finger has limited movement and overlaps the neighboring finger. 

What are the treatments for a hand fracture?

Treatment for your hand fracture depends on the severity of the break. In most cases, the team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can treat your fracture nonsurgically with a splint or cast. 

If your hand fracture is displaced, meaning in two separate pieces, your specialist at Central Jersey Hand Surgery may be able to manipulate the bones in the office and then provide a splint. They then have you return weekly and then every two weeks for X-rays to make sure the fracture has not shifted.

For a more severe fracture, you may need surgery, which may utilize pins that do not require incisions or the use of plates and screws to stabilize the bones. The team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can perform any required hand surgery at a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center conveniently located near each office location. The team performs these procedures using conscious sedation, and you can go home afterward. 

Healing of a hand fracture varies depending on the severity of the break and the required treatment. But most fractures heal within four to six weeks. After your fracture heals, your doctor at Central Jersey Hand Surgery refers you to occupational or physical therapy.

The highly-trained specialists at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can expertly care for any difficult hand fracture. For a consultation, call the office or request an appointment online today.

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