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Humerus Fractures Specialist

Central Jersey Hand Surgery

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeons located in Eatontown, NJ & Toms River, NJ

Broken arms are common and usually occur after a bad fall. If you have a humerus fracture, the team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons at Central Jersey Hand Surgery, with offices in Eatontown, and Toms River, New Jersey, can help. They offer many treatment options based on the severity of your humerus fracture to support healing so you can get back to your active lifestyle quickly. Contact the office nearest you by phone or online today.

Humerus Fractures Q & A

What are humerus fractures?

The humerus is the large bone that makes up the upper portion of your arm. Your humerus runs from your shoulder to your elbow. 

A humerus fracture refers to a break on the upper arm bone. Your humerus fracture may be a:

Proximal humerus fracture

A proximal humerus fracture refers to a break in the portion of the arm bone that’s closer to the shoulder. 

Humeral shaft fracture

A humeral shaft fracture means your break is in the central part of your humerus bone. 

You may develop a humerus fracture after any injury involving your arm, such as a fall onto an outstretched arm or in an auto accident. 

What are the symptoms of humerus fractures?

Humerus fracture symptoms vary depending on the location and severity of your break. Common symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Inability to move your arm

You may also experience bleeding if you have an open humerus fracture, which occurs when your broken bone pierces your skin. 

How are humerus fractures diagnosed?

Your orthopedic expert at Central Jersey Hand Surgery conducts a thorough evaluation when you come in with concerns about a humerus fracture. The team uses advanced imaging, such as X-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan, to diagnose your humerus fracture type and develop the most effective treatment plan. 

They also ask detailed questions about your injury and medical history, and examine your arm. 

How are humerus fractures treated?

The team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery develops individualized treatment plans for humerus fractures based on the type, severity of the break, and your symptoms.

When possible, the team takes a nonsurgical approach to healing your humerus fracture. Treatment may include casting, pain medication, and rehabilitation. 

However, if your humerus fracture is severe or open, the team may recommend surgical intervention. During surgery, your orthopedic expert realigns your broken bones and keeps them in place with plates, screws, or pins. 

Rehabilitation is also recommended following surgical intervention for a humerus fracture. However, your rehabilitation program may be delayed until your bones have properly healed. 

Recovery from a humerus fracture varies, but it takes at least six weeks. 

For comprehensive care of your humerus fracture, call Central Jersey Hand Surgery or book an appointment online today.