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Hand Infections Specialist

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Hand infections can develop unexpectedly and quickly. Early treatment may help prevent complications. If you have a hand infection, the specialists at Central Jersey Hand Surgery can provide the care you need to clear up the infection quickly. To schedule an appointment, call the Eatontown or Toms River, New Jersey, office, or click the online booking button today.

Hand Infections Q & A

How do hand infections develop?

You can develop an infection in your hand, fingers, wrist, or arm from a number of causes. Some of the most common include:

  • Laceration or open wound 
  • Bite (animal or human)
  • Side effect following surgery

While the infection may start in your hand, it’s possible that it can travel to other areas of your body, which can lead to more serious health complications.

What are the symptoms of a hand infection?

Hand infection symptoms vary depending on the underlying cause of your infection. Your symptoms may include:

  • Localized redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Drainage 

Your infection may also cause you to develop a fever or chills or lead to an abscess, which is a collection of pus that forms underneath your skin. An infection that spreads through the skin, called cellulitis, presents with areas of increased redness and swelling with possible streaking on the hand or arm. 

You can also develop an infection that involves the tendons in your hand and arm, referred to as tenosynovitis, which can spread through the tendon sheath. Infections can also form around your nail (paronychia), within your bone (osteomyelitis), or involve a joint (septic joint). 

When should I seek medical help for a hand infection?

If you suspect you have an infection in your hand, fingers, wrist, or arm, you should seek medical help immediately for an evaluation. As previously mentioned, if left untreated, your infection may spread to other parts of your body or get into your blood and lead to a more serious infection that can be life-threatening. 

How are hand infections treated?

Treatment for your hand, finger, wrist, or arm infection depends on the severity of your infection, as well as the germ responsible for your symptoms. The team at Central Jersey Hand Surgery develops individualized treatment plans to help you get effective and fast results.

Antibiotics are usually necessary to help your body fight against the germ responsible for your infection. Your antibiotics may be given orally or intravenously. Your doctor may also need to drain your wound, which is conducted using local anesthesia at the office. 

If your infection is severe, you may require a more complex procedure, which may take place at the surgery center or hospital and may require an overnight or extended stay. Your doctor then has you follow-up at the office regularly for several weeks for continued monitoring of the wound and infection.

Getting the right treatment for your hand infection quickly usually results in a faster recovery. For an evaluation of your hand infection from an experienced team, contact Central Jersey Hand Surgery by phone or online today.