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Telehealth Virtual Video Visits at Central Jersey Hand Surgery

Central Jersey Hand Surgery is excited to announce that we are now offering state of the art Telehealth Virtual Video Visits during the COVID-19 crisis.

This eliminates the need for a face-to-face visit, unless an intervention or injection is necessary. Medicare and private insurance companies are mandated by the government to cover these visits during the crisis. This was set up to protect health care workers and all patients. It is convenient and allows our patients to remain safely quarantined at home.

In order to participate in a Telehealth Visit, you will need a computer with video or a cellphone with a camera. Setup is easy and free.

To setup a Teleheath Virtual Video Visit, please call our office or use the Contact Us form on our web page. It is at the bottom of:

You will need to verify with my office PRIOR TO THE TELEHEATH VISIT that your insurance information and paperwork are up to date. Paper work can be downloaded, filled out and signed at:

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